Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thanks & Poll News

The Tiger Swag is not quite two weeks old and I am already humbled, and energized, by the response.

While writing about a place I’ve loved for so long is natural, it’s not easy.

I am not the sole owner of this place. And my memories are not unique. It’s shared by 127,497 other alumni, over 20,000 students, and many, many more fans and enthusiasts.

And each of us is passionate about different things. Each of us has a different take. And each of us wants different things.

This is seen in the results of the first poll. There is clearly a need for more content focused on the comings and goings of Clemson. From its sporting events to the coaches to recruiting to current events.

But that’s not the only need. Others also want to read the stories of what makes this place special. And with that, to share their own story.

It also seems our feathered friends need a good dose of humility. May this weekend’s baseball regional be the first application of many, many doses.

With that, thank you for your support. Please continue to check back as our goal is to have new content every 2-3 days.

In the meantime, let us know your thoughts on the ACC. The current poll question asks: “If the ACC were a stock, how would you rate it?” This question stems from the earlier article here at The Tiger Swag along with Travis Sawchik’s (@travis_sawchik) article and interview with a Clemson professor in the Post & Courier.

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