Thursday, June 7, 2012

Baseball & Christmas

College Baseball reminds me of Christmas.

Hope springs eternal
The season lasts forever (both are nearly 4 months, not counting prep work)
It doesn't feel like the proper weather when it begins
It really gets cranked up following a major event (Thanksgiving/Christmas and March Madness/baseball)
And when it's over, it's over 

For many, Christmas is over before the end of Christmas Day. We swap presents, have a meal, hang out with family. Then we go home.

And all we're left with is the mess. The tree to tear down. The lights to put away. The decorations and china and silly clothes to pack up and put back in the attic. The credit cards to pay.

Then, a few days later, after the house is back together, we begin to think back to Christmas. The presents we received, the food we ate, the family we saw. We ponder "whether it was good or bad". We remember the parts we enjoyed. And try to forget the rest.

And the same holds true for college baseball. Baseball is the last of the collegiate team sports to finish, so when it ends, so does the collegiate sports calendar.

We then lament the end of the season by playing the woulda, coulda, shoulda game. We try to justify to ourselves the end isn't actually here.

But it is. And it hits us hard. We realize there are no more Clemson teams to cheer for. No more chances for glory. No more opportunities to gain bragging rights.

But slowly we come out of the haze, push through the denial, and look around. Only to see the mess the sports year left us.

We begin to cipher through it and ponder "whether it was good or bad". We remember the parts we enjoyed. And try to forget the rest.

And that's what we'll do here. Over the next few weeks, we'll clean up the mess that was the 2011-2012 season. We'll ponder it and discuss whether it was good or bad. We'll celebrate the best parts and figure out what went wrong during the worst.

And this season provided opportunities for both.

And we'll remind ourselves that two of the best things about Christmas are it comes every year and each year brings new surprises - and disappointments.

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