Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Share Your Story

Clemson is a special place. A place we hold dear.

Not because of the University and what it has or will accomplish. Not for what it has allowed us to accomplish. Not for its beauty, academics, or athletics.

We hold Clemson dear because we can’t separate ourselves from it. It has become part of us.

It's who we are and always will be.

And this blog wants to celebrate and share those memories.

For some of us, there is no start to those memories as they begin at birth, as we are not the first generation to hold it dear. For others, they begin on move-in day when we unpack for college and say goodbye to mom and dad. And for others, it’s not until we are surrounded by 80,000 fans as we experience our first game at Death Valley.

But regardless of when those memories began, we all have them. And we all have stories. Some funny, some sweet. Some silly and some life-changing. And each story is unique, minus one common bond: Clemson.

And this is a place where those stories can be shared and celebrated.

So please email those stories to us, along with a subject line for sorting, and any photos, and we’ll share them with other like-minded Clemson fans who want to celebrate with you.

You can connect with us through the "Your Story" Page or the "Contact" Page.

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