Monday, September 10, 2012

CLAWS vs PAWS - Week 2 Update

The rich just keep getting richer as The TigerSwag stretches the lead to 12 by maxing out the available scoring (who knew UCS could cover 21.5?  Me, of course)

If this keeps up, the fans at UCS will be leaving for different reasons.

This week's games:
  • UAB at SCU (-33.5)
  • Furman at Clemson (winner only)
Hoping to continue the streak this week as a team worse than ECU strolls into UCS.  Maybe in addition to picking against the spread, we can pick when the max exodus out of Billy Brice occurs. Early week prediction: Second set of big numbers from Thompson allows Spurrier to use his patented two QB system.  Wonder which of these two becomes Jesse Palmer?

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