Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Thoughts

  • Someone get Spiller on the phone ASAP to begin the recruitment of Nuk for his senior season
  • Sorry Messieurs Tuttle, Gardner, Cunningham, and Watkins, but I think Nuk is the most polished receiver to ever play at Clemson.
  • Loved seeing Hopkins blocking downfield on running plays
  • Thought Boyd looked really strong. He was comfortable and in control. Only bad decision was the deciding to force the flea flicker. On third down, not that big a deal, but first down was not a great idea
  • Boyd looked great running the ball. I like his decision making, even with the fumble
  • I think there are chunks of Morris’ offense that revolve around Boyd running that we haven’t seen yet
  • Really surprised we haven’t seen more from Peake. Not sure if it is flow of game, route running, or confidence between him & Boyd
  • Even with the numbers, the offense still misses the playmaking ability of Watkins
  • Was not overly impressed with running game. Stats ended up looking nice, but thought Ellington would be able to break off a couple of nice runs. Had one late to seal the game, but figured he may be able to do that a few times throughout the game.
  • Still undecided on decision to go for 4th and inches in 4th quarter. On one hand, like the confidence in the offense to be able to pick up the yardage and the confidence in the defense that they can take care of themselves. But unsure if that was right call. Too much risk for minimal reward.

  • Tale of two halves. Defense looked timid in first, but aggressive in second
  • Still disappointed in blown coverages
  • Thought tackling was much improved
  • Poor angles on first touchdown run
  • Nice seeing tackles at and behind line of scrimmage
  • Liked the blitz packages, but they seem so slow. Quick releases will easily negate those
  • Still need additional pressure from front 4
  • Linebacker pursuit seemed better and they seemed more active
  • Still hoping to see more of Steward and Townsend. Similar to Peake, just can’t figure out why they’re not making more of an impact
  • Was nice seeing some turnovers that were created rather than mistakes (see FSU). Really liked Peters interception
  • Thoroughly impressed with attitude in second half. Defense looked like they were playing with attitude, instinct, and aggressiveness. First time I’ve seen that this year
  • Throw everything from BC out the window. Georgia Tech is the exact opposite.

Special Teams:
  • Did not like the fake field goal decision. I know it was for naught because of the penalty, but felt like we should either kick the field goal (it was inside 50) or go for it with 1st team offense. Percentage of picking up 5 yards w/ Boyd and company has to be higher than special teams with Stoudt.
  • Catanzaro continues to impress. He can play on Sundays.
  • Punt team and coverage looked solid
  • Better job by kickoff coverage team
  • Ellington looked better returning kicks
  • I think we’ll see more and more of the pooch type kick where teams try to pin offenses inside their own 15. Return units may become more and more important

  • Credit to staff – team looked focused despite losing key players
  • Controlled Chaos is my new nickname for offense. It looks disjointed and confusing, but works. Really well.
  • Love Venables’ candor. Still not satisfied with the improvements. Also, like him letting the players know he believes in them, but there is plenty of room for improvement
  • We’ll see how whether the staff is worth their money this weekend, going from conference leading passing team to conference leading running team
  • Pressure will be on offense to score, especially brutal GT defense
  • Part of reason Venables was hired was to stop GT offense

Check in later this week as we review the BC game, prep for GT, and get ready for Mullet Fest 2012 in Columbia.

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