Monday, October 22, 2012

CLAWS vs PAWS - Scoreboard Update

The hits just keep on coming as The TigerSwag went with history rather than his heart.  Wait - that's not correct.  The TigerSwag went with history AND his heart in picking Florida to win and cover against UCS.  Unfortunately, some fans too easily forget the past, and when they do, they are bound to repeat it.

As such, The TigerSwag picks up 10 points for correctly picking UF over UCS, plus gets to tack on a safety since the Cock-a-booster went with UCS.  In addition, both of us picked Clemson to win, so we each get three.  Neither of us picked Clemson to cover.

And while The TigerSwag's lead is hefty, it's not insurmountable.  Not with 11 total games remaining, including a few with large point spreads.

This week's games:

Clemson (-16) at Wake Forest (Thursday Night)
Tennessee at UCS (-14)

Remember to check back earlier in the week since the picks need to be made prior to Clemson's Thursday night game.

Go Tigers!

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