Friday, October 12, 2012

CLAWS vs. PAWS - Week 7

Weekend of October 13, 2012


South Carolina at LSU
(LSU is favored by 2.5)

The Gamecocks appear super excited about making their first trip to Death Valley. Only problem is I’m not sure they should be excited about playing at night in Baton Rouge, seeing as UCS is only 1-10 all time in Baton Rouge. And they’re only win came in 1994, when LSU was 4-7 and coached by a soon to be fired Curly Hallman.

“Those early 90’s LSU teams – man those guys could play some ball” – Things no LSU fan ever says...

But what does that have to do with this UCS team and 2012? Not sure other than in the year of UCS’ first ever bowl win, they barely beat a terrible LSU team on the road.

But what can we really expect from UCS Saturday night? They say a team takes on the attitude of their coach, so I expect to see a confident and cocky team, but one that may not be mature enough to go into Baton Rouge and walk out with a win. But luckily for them, LSU also takes on the attitude of their coach. And they have a freshman quarterback, who seems to look a lot like Gus Mangus.

And because of UCS’ defensive line, Connor Shaw’s ability to run, and the combination of The Mad Hatter & the Stache, UCS leaves town with a win.

UCS 17
LSU 16

If anyone honestly says that they “know” what will happen in this game, they are kidding themselves a bit. Here are the basics going in: We have two great defenses squaring off, two great rushing attacks, and two streaks of note colliding head on in the Gamecocks’ 10-game win streak and LSU’s 22-game home win streak. Steve Spurrier to his credit is saying all the right things about staying focused on LSU and not falling prey to all the lavish national media attention we have received since just destroying Georgia on Saturday. I just am worried that for a team that hasn’t dealt with attention like that very often, actually ignoring it is much tougher than saying you’re ignoring it.

I thought we would come out angry and on fire against Georgia and we did. Unfortunately, I see LSU being that way this weekend. They clearly will not run the table and win the West or go to the BCS, but they have not had a great performance in a while. They are talented enough to do so and they are due for one. The good news for USC is that regardless of what happens at Baton Rouge, Gainesville is still going to be the most important game of the season.

I think LSU gets up early, maybe by 7 or 10. The Gamecocks keep it close but a late Tiger score gives us our first loss of the season.

LSU 20
Carolina 13


Regardless of what happens this weekend in Baton Rouge, the CLAWS vs PAWS standings are in for a shake-up.

So who do I pull for?

I will gladly hand the 10 points to Mr. Felder for an LSU win Saturday night. And I know Mr. Felder would do the same to see his Gamecocks stay undefeated...

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