Monday, October 1, 2012

CLAWS vs PAWS - Week 5 Scoreboard

Everything changes, but everything remains the same. UCS keeps praying on the upper echelon of college football and The TigerSwag remains in the lead.

And so is the life of a typical resident of South Carolina.

But this week, everything truly does change. UCS finally takes on a legitimate opponent in UGA in MulletFest 2012. Their first five games were simply warmup acts for this one.

In the upstate, Clemson welcomes the 10th Street Trade School, fresh off their beat down at the hands of former Clemson assistant Rick Stockstill. The good news? MTSU offered GT fans a chance at higher math as they needed more than just their hands to count how many they lost by.

Can Clemson products make it two weeks in a row? How will the SC Mullets do against the GA version?

This weekend is the ultimate border war - and here's hoping it's a split...

Check back later as The TigerSwag and Cockabooster take a look.

Games this week:

UGA @ UCS (-2)
GT @ Clemson (-10.5)

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