Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Thoughts - VT Edition

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Of all the game designations, Military Appreciation Day is my favorite. Clemson always does an amazing job with the pregame festivities and honors, but the best moment is during halftime when the entire crowd sits so that any veteran may stand and be recognized. It brings me tears every time as I’m honored to surrounded by such fine people.

This week’s thoughts on the game against Virginia Tech:

  • It was nice to see Sammy back in the flow. Felt like he was his best of the season
  • You know you’re good when 3-68-1 is a ho-hum day (Hopkins)
  • Really thought we’d see more from the tight ends and slot guys
  • Only receptions were by Hopkins, Watkins, & Ellington
  • Terrible day by the O-line
  • Solid effort for Ellington; was hoping he’d get a chance at the end of the game to break the century mark
  • Two weeks in a row Boyd looked unsettled. Both weeks he has been overshooting targets
  • Look for a bounce back performance from these guys Thursday night
  • Overall, best performance of the season
  • Love seeing points from defense, especially one as maligned as this one
  • Three turnovers (all interceptions) by the defense was great to see
  • Employed bend, don’t break pretty well – limited the long plays VT was known for
  • Was nice seeing some pressure from the D-line, and for the sacks to follow
  • Secondary tackling still suspect
  • Middle of the field and crossing patterns still spell disaster
  • I know the stats don’t bear it out, but thought the defense did a great job in the running game. Gave Thomas some easy scrambling lanes, but running backs did very little
  • Think linebackers had one of their better games, though not sure who’s responsible for qb during scrambles
  • Similar performance against Wake equals another comfortable win
Special Teams:
  • Best game of the year, by far
  • Great job in kick coverage
  • Second time punt team has recovered a muff (FSU) – gave Clemson first lead
  • Humphries looked very comfortable as a punt returner
  • Would like to see the punt unit less
  • Loved seeing the guys in the camos
  • Defensive game plan was solid, with great in-game adjustments
  • Thought Morris needed to find better ways to get Boyd in rhythm. Designed runs, swing passes, slants, etc…
  • Felt like we abandoned the running game at times
  • Kudos to Jeff Scott – our receivers have to be the best blocking receivers in the country
  • Another low-penalty game – effect of good coaching

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