Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Thoughts

Thoughts from yesterday's revenge win over Georgia Tech:

Pregame from the seats
  • Thanks to my brother-in-law and his family, I was able to make my first game of 2012
  • Loved the new screens on the West End Zone
  • Loved the paw flags at the top of the upper decks
  • Fireworks – meh. Probably better at night. Could also use more as it reminded me of bottle rocket wars from my youth
  • New video board on hill – Looked great, loved the stats, but the stretched screen seem to negate its quality
  • It was nice not being constantly bombarded with commercials and other unnecessary things
  • Not digging the mics on the band. Reminded me of UVA, and that’s not a good thing
  • Field looked amazing
  • Tech’s “You Suck” chant made me laugh every time, especially when it was voices only and the crowd still responded. Their band must get some sick pleasure playing that 100 times per game.
  • Loved the fact that they play the Hill video earlier rather when they are right on the Hill. Gave it more of a natural feel
  • I’m exhausted. Little different terrain than the lowcountry, but I can’t wait to be back for Homecoming
  • It’s funny how much different I treat the concourses now that I have kids. I used to be a man on a mission and good luck slowing me down, but now I make it a point to not split parents/kids and to not be in too much of a hurry.

  • Last week it was "Get Spiller on the phone ASAP" to begin the recruitment of Hopkins for his senior year. That may not be enough. Time to call in the cavalry – all hands on deck!
  • My fear of third down is slowly waning
  • My fear of the red zone is rapidly increasing. This game is not close if those three possessions on the five become TD’s
  • Really impressed with how little this team is penalized, especially with the motions and calls
  • Boyd looked a little off in the first half – and the crowd noticed it too. He’s changed our level of expectation
  • Sammy’s not quite right and he and Boyd aren’t on the same page. He had no impact beyond the line of scrimmage. Hopefully other teams still pay him mucho respect so Hopkins and others can roam free
  • Loved the energy from Peake
  • Hot Rod is starting to make a name for himself
  • Our receivers may be the best blocking receivers in the country. They take pride in their ability to spring others.
  • The offense really fed the defense in the second half. When Boyd hit Hopkins on the TD, the crowd came alive and the offensive players were really pumping up the defensive guys, especially Gifford.

  • No matter how amazing the offense is, the defense owns the stadium. It was loud when Boyd & Hopkins hooked up the second time, but it was nothing compared to how loud the stadium was after the safety.  And how loud the stadium remained throughout the commercials
  • This may not be an overly popular statement, but I thought the defense was well prepared.  They looked like they knew what was coming and how to attack it, they just had poor execution.  Also credit to GT for their execution.
  • Two games in a row the defense played much better in the second half. Maybe Venables should make the defense enter the field from the locker room rather than the Hill
  • Tech was either feast or famine. The drives that ended without points never seemed to get any momentum, but if they got rolling, they never stopped until they had six.
  • The whole stadium was surprised when Tech went to the air on their second drive. Nice playcalling by Paul Johnson
  • Man our tackling is still poor
  • I’d rather receive a 15 yard penalty for a late hit out of bounds rather than watch our defenders try to tackle on the sidelines
  • We’ve got to find a way to create some turnovers on the positive side of the field
  • Great job on 4th downs
  • Thought the D-line played one of their better games, linebackers were neutral, and secondary struggled and tackled very poorly.

Special Teams
  • Nothing overly special, one way or the other
  • CatMan is crazy good. Hope he’s teaching his backups some of his tricks.
  • Coverage units were solid
  • We received a gift from GT, but not sure how much credit we can take
  • It was nice seeing a blocked kick and to see how excited the players got
  • Would really be nice to see the ST units give us great field position as we’ve seen what this offense can do with a short field

  • Credit to all units and coaches for positive halftime adjustments.
  • Credit to Venables for defensive preparation
  • Defense needs more fundamentals
  • Need to take better angles from secondary
  • Need to find a way to translate second half success into first half success
  • Not sure how I feel about offense punching one in at the end. I know the players enjoyed it, but there’s something even more impressive about calling the dogs at the one (see FSU)

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