Monday, November 19, 2012

CLAWS vs PAWS - Scoreboard Update

With just one week to go, the race is tight.  Too tight.  And it all comes down to the Clemson-Carolina game.

Clemson opens as a 4 point favorite and early signs from the Cock-a-booster are that he is leaning orange.  But is he leaning enough to take Clemson and lay the points, or just enough to call for a win?

And the bigger question is: "Do I go All-In, or go for the Win-Win?"

The All-In is putting the CLAWS vs PAWS contest on the line by picking Clemson to win and cover.  If they do, then I get the satisfaction of bragging rights over all Gamecocks - plus bragging rights over the Cock-a-booster.  But, if Clemson loses, then I will not only lose bragging rights, but the contest as well.

The alternative is to pick UCS to win knowing that I will gladly trade a loss in CLAWS vs PAWS to stop the current three game winning streak.

Check back soon to see which way we think the game will go...

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