Tuesday, November 6, 2012

So USC is upset with the SEC? That’s Rich

UCS fans, including my cohort at the Cock-a-booster, are taking their blame game to Birmingham and the SEC offices. Apparently, they are not happy with their SEC schedule, as if they are a top tier SEC team and deserve protection. Instead of protecting UCS, they claim the SEC is protecting their prime product by putting UCS through an unfair gauntlet – one that no other SEC East team is subject to.

But is it really unfair, or are UCS fans at the top of their excuse game?

To find out, let’s look at multiple schedule concerns, weigh them, and determine which team has the biggest gripe, and which should thank their lucky stars.

How the West was Won
With the expanded SEC, only two games are played across divisions. And as bad as the bottom of the SEC is, the expanded SEC means only two teams get shots at Arkansas and Auburn. Fortunately for UCS and UGA, there was room for them.

On the flip side, not everyone is able to play Alabama or LSU. Unfortunately for UCS & Florida, they drew a short straw.

But did UCS get the shortest straw in relation to the West? No. That honor goes to Florida as they drew both LSU & Texas A&M, with A&M on the road.

If we were to rank the schedules, easiest to hardest, Georgia gets 1 point for having the easiest schedule, UCS gets 2 points for being in the middle, and Florida gets 3 for having the toughest schedule.

Current Tally:
Florida 3
Georgia 1

There’s No Place Like Home
The second criteria to analyze would be to see which teams benefited by playing at home. Since UCS, Georgia, & Florida all went 1-1 against each other, maybe the home schedule will tell a difference.

UCS was able to play UGA at home, but played Florida on the road. Florida was able to play UCS at home and played UGA on neutral ground (as close to neutral as Jacksonville is). UGA played UCS on the road and Florida in Jacksonville.

Of all three teams, Georgia had the toughest road as they did not play any of the others at home and gets 3 points. UCS was in the middle by getting one at home and one on the road and gets 2 points. Florida had the easiest road by not having to play any of the other two on the road and gets 1 point.

Current Tally:
Florida 4
Georgia 4

Order of Operations
One of UCS’ biggest complaints is the fact that they had to play Georgia, LSU, & Florida back-to-back-to-back. But were they the only team to have a tough stretch?

Of the three teams, Georgia had the easiest schedule by playing Tennessee prior to playing UCS. Following UCS, Georgia had a week off before playing Kentucky & Florida.

Conversely, Florida played their three tough teams over a four-week period, with a trip to Vanderbilt sandwiched between LSU & UCS. Additionally, Florida had their bye week prior to playing LSU.

Of the three teams, UCS had the toughest stretch and gets 3 points. Florida gets 2 for having the three teams over four weeks, and Georgia gets 1 for not having to play any of the teams back-to-back.

Current Tally:
Florida 6
Georgia 5

The East is Least
Sometimes, when all else is equal, it’s the little things that make or break you. In this case, it’s the little teams. If we rank these four teams, Vandy would be first and worth 4 points, Tennessee and Missouri tied for second and worth 3 points, and Kentucky last, worth 1 point.

Of these four teams, UCS played Mizzou & Tennessee at home with Vandy & Kentucky on the road, totaling 5 points. Florida played Kentucky & Mizzou at home with Tennessee and Vandy on the road, totaling 7 points. Georgia played Vandy & Tennessee at home with Kentucky & Mizzou on the road, totaling 5.

Since Georgia did not have to travel to Vandy, they lose the tiebreaker and finish third.

Florida 9
Georgia 6

UCS was right about one thing – Georgia had an easier path to Atlanta. But they were wrong about the SEC singling them out, as Florida has it just as bad, if not worse. Having to play A&M on the road is a game-changer and a tougher challenge than anything UCS or Georgia had to face.

Even if the SEC were to make the schedules fair, Georgia would need to swap Ole Miss for Alabama or LSU. Whether Georgia wins or loses that game doesn’t matter as UCS would still trail Florida.

So UCS fans can whine and complain about how the SEC is singling them out, but the fact is Florida is a bigger name with more history and a larger trophy case, and a more legitimate beef. But I don’t hear them complaining. They realize they had their chance on the field. Now it’s UCS’ turn.

Even in a year when UCS thinks they’re the cream of the crop, they’ll still finish 3rd in the East and 6th in the SEC.

Yeah – that’s the SEC’s fault...


  1. This is a pretty interesting analysis and a good read, but calling South Carolina "UCS" really hurts your credibility. Using "USC", "SCAR", or "South Carolina" instead would make this article much better.

    1. Thank you for the read and the feedback. Hopefully it helps to put some things in perspective for them, though I doubt it.

      Regarding UCS vs USC, I've had others say the same thing - and I've gone back and forth in how to address them. I, too, wonder if any credibility is lost, but I also wonder how much credibility USC/UCS fans give me to begin with.

      I do try to monitor it, and if at any point I feel like I need to change, I will.

      Thanks again for checking us out - and thanks for the feedback!

  2. UCS is a tribute to USuCk at the College World Series...with their Carolina South flag...

  3. Your blog is neither incendiary nor funny. It's kinda like eating a rice cake; it had no taste and you're not certain if you consumed anything of substance at all.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to stop by.

      I'm sorry it didn't do anything for you, but I would hope you would swing by again to see if our other offerings are more your cup of tea.

      One thing I wanted to do was put some level of fact behind the assertion that UCS fans really have no reason to quarrel or complain to the SEC. By handling approaching it the way I did, it somewhat removes the ability to fire potshots...

      Thanks again and please come back!

    2. Except for the "UCS" digs that get in the way of what could otherwise be a good debate.

  4. Here's the thing you conveniently forget; USC traded a HOME game with MSU for a game at the real Death Valley. You poorly attempt to address this by saying UGA could trade up for Bama and it still wouldn't matter. I see your Clemson education, if you can call it an education, prevented you from realizing UGA can't trade up without USC trading down in your scenario. That's the crux of this entire hullabaloo and you crapped the bed while trying to point fingers at USC fans. This is a half-hearted, half-a$$ed attempt to mock "UCS" fans and it blew up in your face.

    1. First of all - thanks for stopping by. I sincerely mean that - I don't write things and then shy away from them. I look forward to looking at things in different or unique ways.

      Now - to your thoughts...

      Okay - so say USC trades down for More Cow Bell and UGA trades up for Bama. That leaves USC with 1 loss - at Florida - and leaves UGA with two losses. In this scenario, who goes to Atlanta?

      Hint - it's not USC, it's Florida - for beating you by 33.

      Actually - your best shot would be to have Georgia keep their schedule and you drop LSU for MSU. That leaves everyone with 1 loss - to each other. The winner would then be based upon BCS standings. With that, UGA or Florida probably still wins - and a loss at Clemson would truly knock you out of Atlanta - if you had a shot to begin with.

      Again - thanks for stopping by. Hope you continue to swing on through every now and then.


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