Sunday, January 27, 2013

Clemson’s NCAA Tournament Tracker

Clemson began the week at 10-7, 2-3, and in need of a number of ACC wins to inch their way toward the NCAA Tournament. After outplaying both FSU & Virginia Tech this week, Clemson only walked away with one win as FSU, and to a lesser extent, Karl Hess, stole a win in Tallahassee. Had Clemson been able to hold onto a double digit, second half lead over FSU, they would be in much better shape. However, because of Clemson’s early season struggles, there is little room for error, and every game will either positively, or negatively, impact their postseason fortunes. As such, the loss to FSU leaves Clemson even further on the outside looking in, and for the first time this season, needing some help from others.

So, after the week, here’s where Clemson stands, and what they need to do, to give themselves a chance on Selection Sunday:

Goal: Get to 11 ACC wins
Current: 3-4, with five home games and six road games remaining

Home Games:
We previously established that Clemson needed to go no worse than 5-1, with a sweep of VT, GT, & BC, and taking 2-3 from Miami, UNC, & NC State. After today’s win over VT, they’ve snagged one of the three needed for the sweep. Overall, they now need to go no worse than 4-1.

Road Games:
We previously established that Clemson needed to go no worse than 4-3. After letting the game against FSU get away from them, Clemson needs to go 4-2, which means they need find a way to defeat Maryland or Miami, and then go no worse than 3-1 against BC, VT, GT, & UVA.

The plan above will be tough, but is still achievable for Clemson, though the win against FSU would have made things much easier, or at least given them a small cushion for a later mistake. Unfortunately, the loss to FSU also leaves Clemson needing some help as Clemson does not want to be in a selection battle against a team they were swept by. Hopefully for Clemson, they go to the top, making the losses appear better.

We’ll continue to monitor Clemson’s chances of making the Tournament. Check back Tuesday night as Clemson tries to even their ACC record against GT in Littlejohn. This is a must-win for Clemson to have any shot at making the field.

Go Tigers!

P.S. - Check out KJ McDaniel's going SuperMan on VT:

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