Saturday, March 9, 2013

Clowney on the Cover? Interesting...

Did you hear: Jadeveon Clowney was on the cover of Sports Illustrated! During basketball season. And you could read "Carolina" on the front and they used the words "South Carolina". USC has arrived!

And now that the next issues of Sports Illustrated have graced my mail box, it's time to breakdown what USC being on the cover really means - or doesn't mean.

First of all, this is not an attempt to discredit Jadeveon Clowney, He deserves all the attention and accolades coming his way. To me, he is the defensive version of Randy Moss: an athletic freak who will dominate the game and his opponents - when he wants to. When he doesn't want to, he is invisible. Hopefully for Clowney, he decides he wants to dominate more than Moss did.

No, this is an attempt to show USC fans two things: 1) you have been there before - now act like it & 2) you have not arrived.

So, here are 10 examples showing that USC has in fact been there before - and that they still have a way to go:

  1. Dual Cover with Ohio State
    Call me when you're the only show in town

  1. Covers by School:
    Alabama 28
    Florida 21
    Kentucky 20
    Tennessee 14
    Auburn 11
    LSU 11
    Arkansas 9 (including one with Lou Holtz)
    Georgia 7
    Ole Miss 5
    Texas A&M 2
    Mizzou 2
    USC 2
    Mississippi State 0
    Vandy 0

    And South Carolina's motto remains: "Thank God for Mississippi State & Vandy"
  1. Outdoors & Mark the Bird Fidrych
    The Gamecock's first two covers

  1. Figure Skating: 13 Total Covers
    So that's a sport, huh?
  1. Lou Holtz & Steve Spurrier with two covers each, but none with USC
    I thought they were South Carolina legends?
  1. Stephen Colbert
    He's from South Carolina - that counts, right?
  1. Tony Mandarich
    SI couldn't be wrong, could they?

  1. SI Cover Jinx
    Don't worry, it's only a myth. Just ask these people...
  1. The Steroid Scandal
    Your finest moment - read it here
  1. Clemson wins National Championship
    On the cover in the preseason? Not surprising at all. Try being on at the end of the season

Again, while being on the cover of Sports Illustrated is quite a feat, but let's be honest, it's still South Carolina. That doesn't change with one magazine...