Saturday, March 9, 2013

Clowney on the Cover? Interesting...

Did you hear: Jadeveon Clowney was on the cover of Sports Illustrated! During basketball season. And you could read "Carolina" on the front and they used the words "South Carolina". USC has arrived!

And now that the next issues of Sports Illustrated have graced my mail box, it's time to breakdown what USC being on the cover really means - or doesn't mean.

First of all, this is not an attempt to discredit Jadeveon Clowney, He deserves all the attention and accolades coming his way. To me, he is the defensive version of Randy Moss: an athletic freak who will dominate the game and his opponents - when he wants to. When he doesn't want to, he is invisible. Hopefully for Clowney, he decides he wants to dominate more than Moss did.

No, this is an attempt to show USC fans two things: 1) you have been there before - now act like it & 2) you have not arrived.

So, here are 10 examples showing that USC has in fact been there before - and that they still have a way to go:

  1. Dual Cover with Ohio State
    Call me when you're the only show in town

  1. Covers by School:
    Alabama 28
    Florida 21
    Kentucky 20
    Tennessee 14
    Auburn 11
    LSU 11
    Arkansas 9 (including one with Lou Holtz)
    Georgia 7
    Ole Miss 5
    Texas A&M 2
    Mizzou 2
    USC 2
    Mississippi State 0
    Vandy 0

    And South Carolina's motto remains: "Thank God for Mississippi State & Vandy"
  1. Outdoors & Mark the Bird Fidrych
    The Gamecock's first two covers

  1. Figure Skating: 13 Total Covers
    So that's a sport, huh?
  1. Lou Holtz & Steve Spurrier with two covers each, but none with USC
    I thought they were South Carolina legends?
  1. Stephen Colbert
    He's from South Carolina - that counts, right?
  1. Tony Mandarich
    SI couldn't be wrong, could they?

  1. SI Cover Jinx
    Don't worry, it's only a myth. Just ask these people...
  1. The Steroid Scandal
    Your finest moment - read it here
  1. Clemson wins National Championship
    On the cover in the preseason? Not surprising at all. Try being on at the end of the season

Again, while being on the cover of Sports Illustrated is quite a feat, but let's be honest, it's still South Carolina. That doesn't change with one magazine...


  1. i bet clemson fans would be ecstatic if tajh boyd was on the regional cover. dont kid yourself...

    1. Never said we wouldn't be ecstatic. We all would - and we'd be just as proud. However, we would realize it changes nothing. Just like this cover does...

    2. We have arrived where you been Tater? O yeah crying the past 4 years and counting. We are here to stay get use to it. Our time is now! Fear the Thumb!"Clowney just sacked Tajh Again"

  2. Taters gonna tate

    1. Sweet! Just got a response from Mr. Clowney himself. I mean, who else could use such impeccable grammar...

    2. Apparently, the writer of this article. Reading through it the first time, I saw two glaring mistakes in one paragraph.

  3. Keep living through negativity regarding Clowney...shows your c*ck envy to everyone, because you have nothing but losses lately to talk about anything else.

    1. I never said Clowney wasn't good, because he is, and to be honest, it's due in large part to us.

      But there are times when perspective is needed, and this is one of those times. I'd call it an intervention, but everyone in the immediate family is suffering from the same symptoms.

  4. It seems that Clemson fans are the ones "blowing this up". South Carolina fans are happy about having a true Heisman contender on the front of a regional cover. The cover that you had touting your own missed a number...150. Know what it stands for? NCAA violations that basically resulted in the NCAA making a rule called "The Death Penalty" that was enacted for another team that paid players, SMU.

    I know it is difficult to handle the pressure of being a good team in the 5th best BCS conference, having a QB put up Playstation numbers against poor defenses and then getting owned by the instate rival two years in a row. It is a tough pill to swallow.

    Of course, there is the coach that rah-rah's all the time and Clemson fans refuse to realize that the can't really coach at this level, so he had to bring in Morris. Morris is a very smart coach, but his weakness is his inability to want to adjust his offense when he is behind. Dabo can't run the offense because when he did, and had Spiller with his glorious 4th year at Clemson and the ACC All-Purpose yards leader, he put up a paltry 18 yds of rushing and the best QB that could, according to Swinney, make any NFL roster looked horrible...not just in that game but in the year after that one as well.

    So, I reckon you can point to something that you probably never saw as greatness, but that championship has an asterik beside it for a reason. Don't be proud of that

    1. Very well thought out response, which I appreciate. Thank you.

      Here's a few responses, which I hope will be as well thought out:

      1st Point: Would you rather be 5th in the best league, or best in the 5th league? That's where we stand...

      2nd Point: I actually agree with you on Dabo. His skill set is not as much in coaching, as it is in vision casting, recruiting, motivation, etc... When Morris leaves, which he invariably will, who Dabo hires next will determine his, and Clemson's fate.

      3rd Point: Clemson's Championship. Just like every Clemson fan would be thrilled with having Boyd, or someone else, on the cover of SI, so would every USC fan should they be the one with the crystal football in their trophy case. To chide us for being petty about Clowney is to condemn yourselves for us having pride in our championship. Both sides would trade places, if they could.

      Thanks again for the response. Look forward to more...

    2. To reply to point #1...You aren't the best team in the 5th best conference, FSU is.

      Point #2...Yes, Dabo is a great recruiter but that is it. He can sell ice to an eskimo but the kids get to Clemson and stop their development. That is a lack of coaching. I've asked Clemson fans what Dabo coaches and no one can tell me.

      Point #3...Couldn't be further from the truth. First of all, there were no crystal balls given out to the national championship teams until 1986, so any crystal ball that Clemson has in their trophy case is a manufactured one. Second, no Clemson fan would trade places with a USC fan because they couldn't recite a 100+ year record as an argument as to which team is better, which, since Dabo has been the coach, is all they really have.

    3. #1 - We were in 2011, tied for it in 2012, and will be a favorite with FSU in 2013

      #2 - I actually agree, in regards to Dabo, as do many other Tiger fans. He casts vision and the assistants implement, much like any normal company. Similarly, how much coaching did Bobby Bowden or Joe Pa do their last decade? How much does Brady Hoke actually do (never wears a headset). One of the reasons many FSU assistants were given head jobs was because they ran things in Tallahassee, and everyone knew it.

      #3 - Never said we'd trade places with USC, just that we would be excited to be on the cover of SI, just as you guys are. Similarly, if USC had a MNC trophy in their football facility and Clemson didn't, USC fans would use that to their advantage every chance they had, just like we do. You would trade not having a championship for having one, no matter what strings came attached with it. If you wouldn't, then you wouldn't have gone the Holtz or Spurrier routes.

      Thanks again!

    4. Dabo is not Joe Pa, Bowden, or even Hoke. Bowden did plenty of head coaching where he actually coached. To place Dabo in that same comparison is quite ridiculous. Also, no one is talking about FSU and their assistants in this article. That is an obfuscation to the original points that you made in your reply to me.

      You definitely implied that USC would be happy if the situation was reverse or as you said, "trade places". What else does this mean? "Just like every Clemson fan would be thrilled with having Boyd, or someone else, on the cover of SI, so would every USC fan should they be the one with the crystal football in their trophy case."

      Being favored to win and winning are two different things. Also, it depends on which writer you look at as to the favorites...some have FSU winning the ACC again

    5. Your original point was that Dabo doesn't coach, and to some extent, I would agree. And to further the point, I don't know that it matters as he is taking more of a CEO approach than a hands on approach. In the end, this is the same approach Joe Pa & Bowden used - and I think Dabo has had similar success to their last decades. In addition, I would argue Dabo has accomplished more in his tenure that Hoke has at UM, but I don't think either are on the pantheon of coaches.

      I brought up the assistant coach point because they are the ones implementing the coach's vision and system, and because of that, it landed them future head coaching gigs, including one at your institution.

      I do think USC would be happy with a MNC trophy - don't you? And like I said, if USC had one and Clemson didn't, USC fans would hang it over Clemson heads the way we hang it over yours. And it wouldn't matter how it was attained, only that it was.

      I will give you credit - the ACC is a toss up this year between Clemson and FSU, but because FSU comes to Death Valley, a place they haven't won in over a decade, the title is Clemson's to lose. And we've won our division two of the last four years - and tied for a third. That looks to be the best, or darn near close to it.

  5. Your opinion means alot. Thanks. (This is sarcasm, in case you cant tell.)

    1. Thanks - I'll let you decide if I'm sincere...

  6. Why is it, that when Clemson fans talk about the teams history, they seem to leave out the fact that the national championship team had a bigger payrole than the Browns?

    Selective memory. Ya, ok, Clemson has the better record vs. South Carolina, and your paid for national championship. But the fact that South Carolina is the better program right now is driving you crazy! And dont say its, not, because, you have an entire blog written above that says otherwise.

    You would think that is South Carolina was actually that inferior, then you wouldnt worry so much about what the fans think, about Clemson, or what they say about their team. Ive heard Clemson fans say South Carolina fans are obsessed with Clemson.....I beg to differ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    1. First things first: you do have the better team right now, and you do have bragging rights...

      Now, in regards to the championship, I'll present to you the same choice I presented to an earlier commenter: either take a championship in whatever form it comes in, or don't. You, and any other school, would gladly accept one. It's the same reason you hired Lou Holtz - win at any cost. It's the same reason you gave Garcia 5 chances and the same reason a booster put up the team in the Whitney.

      And don't forget, it was just a few years later this same magazine ran an article about rampant steroid abuse at USC, during the best season you've ever had.

      It's easy to play holier than thou when you have no chips. Go all in - you've got nothing to lose, nothing in the trophy case.

    2. Unless the steroids you speak of happened in 2011 or 2012, the "scandal" didnt happen during USC's best season. Secondly, what gets me about comments like this is the fact that college football fans think this is an isolated incident. Thats horse crap.

      It happens everywhere. You really think South Carolina was the only football team in the NCAA using steroids at that time? The time when Steroids were at the peak of popularity and newness? All that stuff happened around the time Steroids started picking up in professional sports as well. Its ridiculous to think that South Carolina was the only team with this problem.

      Id be willing to put good money on the fact that there were AT LEAST 10 guys on Clemson's football team using them at the same time. And dont give me the "holier than now" BS. Clemson's whole reputation is based on Baptisms at football practices, and the "family atmosphere." Ya, ok, bring your family up there on a Saturday night when the students are partying and see how "family friendly" the atmosphere is.

      Actually, I take that back....Clemson party scene sucks, thats why everyone goes to Athens.

    3. By minimizing the steroid use, you actually help Clemson's case. You can't dismiss your steroid use by saying everyone else was doing it only to place an asterisk by Clemson's championship. The same things were going on recruiting wise across the country at that time, and to quote you, it's ridiculous to think that Clemson was the only team with this problem.

      As for family friendly atmosphere, there's no school in the country that I would feel comfortable with taking my kids to a night game. Not Clemson, not Athens, not Columbia, not even a College of Charleston basketball game. At least I would feel safe walking from to and from the stadium, which is more than I can say for Williams Brice.


    1. Sanctions by Conference:
      ACC 18 times 38 seasons
      B12 26 times 59 seasons
      BE 8 times 14 seasons
      B1G 23 times 55 seasons
      C-USA 23 times 56 seasons
      Ind 2 times 3 seasons
      MAC 3 times 4 seasons
      MWC 6 times 12 seasons
      Pac-12 31 times 64 seasons
      SEC 36 times 79 seasons
      SB 5 times 13 seasons
      WAC 3 times 8 seasons

      College Football (FBS) Programs That Have Been on Probation the Most (check out T11)
      Rk School Seasons Sanctioned
      1 So Meth (TX) 17 seasons 7 times
      2 South Cal 15 seasons 6 times
      3 Auburn (AL) 11 seasons 4 times
      4t Alabama 10 seasons 3 times
      4t Michigan St. 10 seasons 3 times
      4t Oklahoma 10 seasons 5 times
      7t Colorado 9 seasons 5 times
      7t Illinois 9 seasons 5 times
      7t Texas A&M 9 seasons 4 times
      7t Wisconsin 9 seasons 4 times
      11t Arizona St. 8 seasons 4 times
      11t Baylor (TX) 8 seasons 2 times
      11t California 8 seasons 3 times
      11t Cincinnati (OH) 8 seasons 4 times
      11t Kansas 8 seasons 4 times
      11t Kansas St. 8 seasons 4 times
      11t Miami (FL) 8 seasons 3 times
      11t Oklahoma St. 8 seasons 2 times
      11t South Carolina 8 seasons 3 times
      20t Central Florida 7 seasons 2 times
      20t Florida Intl 7 seasons 2 times
      20t Houston (TX) 7 seasons 3 times
      20t Memphis (TN) 7 seasons 3 times
      20t Mississippi 7 seasons 3 times
      20t Mississippi St. 7 seasons 3 times
      20t Ohio St. 7 seasons 3 times
      20t Texas Tech 7 seasons 3 times

    2. Your missing the point. The degree of violations during Danny Ford's era was insane. If they didn't fire him in 1990, Clemson could have been the next SMU.

      Also, the violations are the reason why you won the national title. They kept SMU out of the race, and they made your team what it was.

    3. Even without SMU's sanctions, they wouldn't have played for the championship as they already had a loss, and Clemson wouldn't have played them anyway because of bowl affiliations.

      Also, if Clemson was the so-called leader in violations, how come we couldn't sway Herscel Walker? We weren't the only ones, only the new kid on the block.

      P.S. - Clemson hasn't had any issues since '90, while nearly the entire SEC has been on probation. Just food for thought...


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