Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tale of the Tape: The Armpit

While many of our Tiger brethren are upset at being sent back to the Armpit, when you look at the numbers, there's actually not all that much separating the two schools (at least when you focus on being at the stadium rather than the dangers of reaching the stadium). In fact, South Carolina holds a slim lead in many categories, including 1/2 game in the record column (due to a rained out game against a national seed - where have Clemson fans heard that before) and mere decimal places in RPI, ERA, WHIP, and Batting Average. Even with Clemson struggling over the past 7-10 days, South Carolina is only a game better in both the Last 5 and Last 10 category.

The only clear advantage is the long ball, which Clemson will try to counter with speed.

Check out the stats below and come back soon as we put together our What to Watch for Segment.

Good luck to all (staying safe in and around the unfriendly confines)...


39-20 Record 39-19

14 RPI 13
18-12 Record 17-12
6 SOS 17

0-5 Last 5 1-4

5-5 Last 10 6-4

3.17 ERA 3.03

1.35 WHIP 1.24

0.278 AVG 0.281

19 HR 47
110 SB 53

5.5 RPG-O 5.8

4.2 RPG-D 3.7

13-17 Top 100 11-14
7-1 Top 50 6-1
CRIME (per 1,000 Students)
0.803 Agg Assault 0.846

0.352 Sex Assault 0.195
0.151 Robbery 0.391
9.089 Burglary 11.946
2.561 Vehicular 2.734

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  1. Hmm interesting crime stats. I'm would have actually thought the crime would be MUCH higher at USC since it is in the middle of a major city in SC and therefore counts all of the crimes committed by other residents but reported by students, whereas in clemson it would be a much higher percentage of student on student crime.

    Also if they counted sexual assaults on sheep and cows, I'm sure the clemson number would be 10x that.


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