Friday, May 3, 2013

Top 10 Plays of the Football Season

There's no better way to end a long hiatus than with the reliving of memories from last year's football season. So, I've combed the archives and old game tapes to come up with what I think are the Top 10 Individual moments from 2012. Some folks had better games, but these 10 moments stood out to me, and why they did:

  1. "The Juke" - McDowell TD Run vs Ball State
    McDowell's move in the hole, before bouncing outside was by far the sickest move of 2012. If it had come against a better opponent, it could be making a move for #1. But it didn't, and that's why it comes in at #10.
  1. "The Trick" - Ellington to Hopkins to Boyd for 2 vs Ga Tech
    All of Death Valley was still rocking from the TD pass to Hopkins to put Clemson ahead, and this play was icing on the cake. Watching the replay and hearing the glowing praise of Chad Morris only made it that much better.
  1. "The Rumble" - Boyd to Ford vs NC State
    Seeing Ford sprint down the field reminded me of watching Ben Hall do the same against USC in '03, which will always hold a special place in my heart. Not so much because of the outcome, but because of other family circumstances of the day. Needless to say, having a tight end scamper 70 yards for a TD is pretty special.

    P.S. - check out the highly upset NC State fan...
  1. "The Snag" - Boyd to Hopkins vs Auburn
    During NFL Draft coverage, this play was one of Hopkins signature catches, and it put Clemson ahead for good. Unfortunately, the win lost some luster as Auburn struggled to one of its worst years in history.
  1. "The Kick" - Cantanzaro FG vs LSU
    While it was a game winner, I don't know that it qualifies for a Top 5 play because it was a fairly basic 30+ yard FG. From the center of the field in a controlled environment. All that considered, the Cat Man friggin' nailed it and sent LSU and its trauma unit back home losers.

    P.S. - check out Les Miles' smirk...
  1. "The Bomb" - Boyd to Hopkins vs FSUn
    Clemson takes the ball and quickly gets in a 3rd & long situation, and this feeling of all the mid-90's FSU games begins to play in your head. And then Tajh throws off his back foot...and hits Hopkins in stride...and all is forgotten. Game on!
  1. "The Stuff" - Shuey Safety vs Ga Tech
    As described earlier, the Valley was already rocking from the TD pass and 2-pt conversion when a Tech player falls down just outside their end zone. The entire stadium is ready to explode, and when Shuey stuffs the back in the endzone, the crowd does just that. The crowd noise rivaled the '05 Miami game, and this play reminded me defense still owns the Valley.
  1. "The Cut" - Boyd to Watkins to Ellington vs FSU
    This is the play that inspired the list - and I really wanted it to be #1. Ff Clemson wins that game, it certainly ends up at the top. But they didn't (and had to play LSU...). As such, it falls to #3. But the real reason I love this play is because of the open field vision of Ellington. Him planting his right foot and cutting back to the middle of the field is a thing of beauty. I've watched just that portion of the play more times than I'm proud to admit.
  1. "The Hand" - Ellington Run vs Auburn
    This play drops in ahead of Hopkins catch because of the degree of difficulty - and the response of the crowd - and the response of Nessler and Blackledge. At that point football was back, and it was good!

    P.S. - check out the awestruck Auburn coed wishing she would have chosen the lake version for college...
  1. "4th & 16" - Boyd to Hopkins vs LSU
    There was very little competition for the top spot, and everyone knows it. 4th & 16 will go down in Clemson lore alongside the Catch, Puntrooskie, & 1st & 35.

    This one play was the difference between having a great off season, and an unfulfilled one. This play separated the good from the bad and set Clemson up for a potential MNC run in 2013.

So - hope you enjoyed your trot down memory lane, and are getting ready for 2013.

Let us know your thoughts on the list, and whether you agree with our 10. Vote in our poll to tell us who you thought should be #2 behind 4th & 16.

Thanks! And as always, Go Tigers!

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