Thursday, August 22, 2013

Don't Blame Clemson - the Stats

In our previous article, we make the claim that Clemson should not be held responsible for the ACC's truggles against the SEC. If anything, the numbers would only be further skewed without Clemson's (& FSU's) participation. Below are a few of the facts as to why Clemson should be celebrated as the ACC standard bearer rather than those located in the Triangle area:
  • Clemson has played in the most ACC vs SEC games than any other school, with the second place school nearly 10 games behind
  • Only Georgia has more wins than Clemson in ACC vs SEC games
  • Clemson has a better winning percentage against the SEC than six of the current conference members (Arkansas, South Carolina, Ole Miss, Mississippi St, Kentucky, & Vanderbilt)
  • Clemson has a better winning percentage against the SEC than South Carolina has against the ACC
  • Clemson has the most points scored in any ACC vs SEC matchup since the SEC expanded in 1992
  • Clemson has the second largest margin of defeat (trailing only Alabama or Duke, which doesn't really count)

And a few other fun facts, just to mess with Gamecocks:

And my personal favorite:

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