Friday, August 9, 2013

Wanted: Clean Clowney Autograph

Repeated warnings from Coach Spurrier and the University went unheeded as thousands of people descended upon the USC practice fields for the opportunity to get a Jadeveon Clowney autograph.

As University officials interviewed those in attendance, it turned out the sudden rush for Clowney's autograph was based on a number of factors.

First, after listening to Coach Spurrier's interview with ESPN four or five times, they realized Clowney can't say no. And there's no better person to ask a favor than one who can't say no.

Secondly, the crowds feared that due to value of the SEC and the troubles of Johnny Manziel, the NCAA may soon ban the practice of grown men in jorts getting autographs from 20 year olds.

And lastly, the crowds figured if a helmet with a misspelled word could sell for over $150, just imagine how much an autograph with proper spelling and grammar could fetch them. They realized getting a clean autograph would be a long shot, but if they could get just one, the payoff would be huge.

Unfortunately, University officials stepped in before the crowds got too out of control; however, a few of the early arrivals were able to get Clowney's autograph, though no word on whether any of the autographs are without error.

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  1. The signature in one of these photos has been authenticated, one has not. The sigs don't look anywhere near similar.

    With the profits these guys are reeling in, my suspecision is that many of these so called "autographs" are fake.


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