Tuesday, September 3, 2013

PAWS vs CLAWS - Week 1 Scoreboard

It appears neither Claws nor Paws is as high on their squad as they should be. Claws undersold the Gamecocks against a fairly "meh" UNC team while Paws didn't even think Clemson would win. The result is a slim 5 point lead for Claws, but rumor has it the Paws squad is quite alright having given up the lead here to snag a win over Georgia.

Scoring results from Week 1:
  • Claws +3 for USC-UNC game (win, but not spread) and +12 for Clemson-Georgia (+3 for win, +7 for spread, and +2 for Paws missing everything)
  • Paws +10 for USC-UNC game (+3 for win, +7 for spread) and +0 for Clemson-Georgia (missed both resulting in +2 for Claws)
Week 2 Matchups:

Check back later this week to see Week 2 predictions

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