Tuesday, January 21, 2014

56 Keys to Winning at UNC

The best thing about the Pitt game was it was on a Tuesday and Clemson's next game is on Sunday. The bad news is that game is at UNC, and well, you know that story. But rather than focus on why Clemson has never won at Chapel Hill, we're telling you how they can. In fact, we've come up with 56 Keys to Winning at UNC, or one for every loss...

Offensive Keys
  1. Shoot at least 80% on free throws
    Clemson is currently 19th in the country in FT % at >75%
  2. Get at least 10 Offensive rebounds
  3. Commit less than 10 turnovers
  4. Shoot at least 45% from the field
  5. Have at least three players in double figures
  6. Have two players with at least 10 rebounds each
  7. Commit less than 5 loose ball turnovers
  8. Shoot at least 40% from three
  9. Get at least 15 points from the bench (Harrison, Djambo, Filer)
  10. Have a positive assist to turnover ratio
    Clemson has 1 more TO than assist on the season
  11. Shoot at least 25 Free Throws
    Clemson averages 19.1 free throws per game
  12. Develop and execute solid inbound plays
  13. Score at least 10 second chance points
  14. Have more offensive rebounds than UNC
  15. Be the first team to 60
  16. Don't try to run with UNC
  17. Make all front ends of 1-and-1s
Defensive Keys
  1. Keep UNC under 20 free throws
    UNC averages 27.4 free throws per game
  2. Limit UNC to under 40% from the field
    UNC's season average 45.4%
  3. Make every foul count
  4. Create at least 15 turnovers
  5. Be the first team to 10 (start strong)
  6. Score last in the first half (end strong)
  7. Limit UNC to under 10 second chance points
  8. Challenge every possession
  9. Force UNC Into poor shot selection
  10. Play great transition Defense
  11. Block 8 shots
    Clemson is currently T9 in blocks at 6.5 and T3 in blocks per personal foul
  12. Limit UNC to under 25% from three
    UNC's season average is 30.4%
  13. Force UNC to have a neutral assist to turnover ratio
    UNC averages 15.4 assists to 12.8 turnovers per game
  14. Keep UNC under 65
    UNC averages 75.2 points per game, but only 57.5 in 4 ACC losses
Player Keys
  1. Get a double-double from KJ McDaniels
    KJ averages 16.7 & 7.2
  2. Have Nnoko stay out of foul trouble
  3. Have Rod Hall get at least three layups on drives to the basket
  4. Keep Marcus Paige under 15 points
  5. Force James McAdoo to shoot under 50%
  6. Keep Leslie McDonald in single digit scoring
  7. Get at least one SportsCenter Top 10 highlight from KJ
Coaching Keys
  1. Have Brownell read Dabo's new contract to see what this win would mean
  2. Use timeouts to keep the crowd in check
  3. Don't get too emotional
  4. Reach the double bonus in both halves
  5. Remember it's just one of 18 ACC games
  6. Don't acknowledge the crowd
  7. Force Roy Williams into at least 1 full five substitute
  1. Pray
  2. Believe
  3. Avoid Karl Hess
  4. Have some luck
  5. Avoid Dick Vitale
  6. Not be ranked
    UNC is 3-1 vs ranked teams and 8-6 vs everyone else
  7. Use written instructions rather than spoken
  8. Limit the UNC towel waivers to only two waves per half
  9. Make Roy Williams remove his glasses at least once per half

The Penultimate Key
  1. Do everything differently than you did against Pitt
Ultimate Key
  1. Score more points than UNC
And what would happen should Clemson execute a few of these keys? Let's let other UNC students tell you:

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