Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Oregon vs Clemson - Tale of the Tape

It's not often this Clemson team will show up with a distinct team offensive advantage and a noticeable team pitching disadvantage, but when it faces Oregon Friday afternoon, that is exactly what it will have.  In fact, you could almost argue Clemson actually drew a pretty favorable draw in that Oregon is not that much different.

But what this doesn't show is the dominance of Gossett and Crownover, and the struggles of the bullpen.  Nor does it show a weak bottom third of the order.  Nor does it show Clemson's late game heroics.  But what it does show is that these two teams are very evenly matched - and it may not be a tangible statistic that ultimately decides this game.

Check out the stats below and come back soon as we put together our What to Watch for Segment.

42-18 Record 36-23
23 RPI 49
18-12 Record 15-14
81 SOS 44
4-10 Top 50 7-12

11-16 Top 100 11-14

3-2 Last 5 3-2

6-4 Last 10 6-4
3.03 ERA 3.69
1.18 WHIP 1.32

0.259 AVG 0.276

0.336 OBP 0.351

27 HR 27
66 SB 89
5.74 RPG-O 5.63
3.72 RPG-D 4.42

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