Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Top 10 Reasons You Know it is Signing Day in Columbia, SC

In honor of National Signing Day (NSD) being a rousing success across the south, here are 10 reasons Columbia, SC knew it was the first Wednesday in February:

  1. The Whitney suddenly has 31 new vacancies
  1. Wake Forest is trying to figure out where their Seniors went
  1. The Admissions Office is suddenly offered overtime
  1. Richland County Sherriff's Office begins holding special seminars
  1. Phil Kornblut is constantly fanning himself, trying to cool off
  1. Five Points is as clean as it will ever be
  1. Lexington Medical Center is swamped with babies named after the recruiting class, like Shameik, Ulric, & Quandeski
  1. The black market sees a spike in demand for fake smoke and cages
  1. The incoming players want rings for finishing in the Top 11 – of the SEC
  1. Spurrier is spotted in golf spikes, asking for directions to Augusta
In all seriousness, good luck to all recruits who have chosen this state to call home for the next four years, especially those who chose the orange and purple of The Promised Land.